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Singapore Facility
Tianjin Facility
Changzhou Facility

Jointly set up by The Sanwa Group and the Intec Group in March 1996, Sanwa Intec Asia specializes in the high tech production of insert molding for automotive, communication, CD-Rom and disk drive industries. The synergy generated from this international pact is greatly enhanced by the partner company's capital investment for production innovation.

Extending beyond profitable collaborations, mutually rewarding relationships established with loyal customers over the years have earned The Intec Group solid clientele support from various renowned global companies in the electronics, computer, connector, electrical and telecommunications industries.

With the rapid growth of the automotive industries in this region, SIA sees itself as a forerunner in the precision insert molding industry, catering to the specific needs of each customer.

Sanwa-Intec (Asia) Pte Ltd
28 Woodlands Loop
Singapore 738308
Ph: +65 6751 4673
Fax: +65 6751 4696

Sanwa-Intec Tianjin Co., Ltd
66 Ninth Ave, TEDA,
Tianjin China 300457
Ph: +86 (22) 6629 9798
Fax: +86 (22) 2532 2948

Sanwa-Intec Changzhou Co., Ltd
16 Chuangye Road, Xinbei District,
Changzhou GDH Industrial Park, Unit 12-A,
China 213033
Ph: +86 (519) 8586 0708
Fax: +86 (519) 8586 0809

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