Our Tier One automotive customers assume that low costs and high performance are a given. From there is just a short step to knowing that we need to do more to earn our customers’ business. That is why one of the foundations of our company is something we call "customer intimacy". Customer intimacy means getting involved with our customers to develop profound knowledge of their commercial needs and the technical requirements of not just the part we are supplying, but the device in which it will be assembled. We become an integrated part of our customers’ product development team. They learn to rely on us and we like it that way.

We are committed to helping our customers meet their cost, quality and performance objectives in the components that we and they manufacture. We are able to help them optimize their manufacturing, take on secondary operations in our plants, or simply do things to facilitate work that is done elsewhere. We are structured to be where our customers need us to be, with the necessary resources and expertise. And we are eager to share responsibility with our customers for the safety and reliability of mission-critical components. That is what we do..

We help you make things that make cars better.

We want to be your preferred global supplier and therefore must:

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