Insert Molding

In-line molding

With over 60 years of experience in the field of insert molding, Intec Group is recognized as a leader in this industry.

We are dedicated to supporting our customers project from the concept stage through design, material selection, mold fabrication, to the final molded part. We also support our customers with product re-engineering in order to reduce cost or improve efficiency through better molds

Injection Molding

In-line molding

Our commitment is to work closely with all customers to support their design and development of products. Our job is to create a part and process that is inherently robust.

Production used advanced equipment with the latest technology in a highly automated environment. Integrated sensors in the molds and assembly equipment help to insure 100% compliance to part requirements. The results of our injection molding services benefit various customer and industries.

Micro-Electronic Packaging

Micro-Electronic Packaging

Intec has unique capabilities to insert mold micro-electronic packaging.

Our highly automated manufacturing process includes automatic in-line electrical testing as well as automatic part discrimination resulting from in-cavity pressure monitoring.


Global Door Latch
    Component Assembly
  • Sonic/spin Welding
  • Staking/Swedging
  • Performance Testing
    Electronic Component Assembly
  • Component Welding/Soldering
  • Electrical Test
  • Leak Test
  • Switch Assembly
  • Potting
    Wire Assembly
  • Wire Termination
  • Connector Assembly

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