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Insert Molding

When you have a new design, we will be with you from concept and part design through the complete design and build of the manufacturing system. We also enthusiastically support those VA/VE opportunities to help you remove costs and/or improve functionality on products currently in use.

Injection Molding

We will work with you every step of the way in the design and development of the molded components that are often the foundation of your product. We will create a robust part design and manufacturing process to optimize our quality without any sacrifice to your cost expectations.

We use state-of-the-art equipment with appropriate automation and EOL testing to provide a cost effective, defect-free product. For molding, a systematic approach to injection molding, based largely on the tenets of the scientific method, is our desired method.

Intec Group
Intec Group

Microelectronic Packaging

An insert molded product that is the housing for sophisticated microelectronic packages is far more than "just an insert molded part." Our knowledge and experience with ultrasonic wire bonding, electronic testing, and molding approaches that guarantee you a perfect part that is also optimally efficient to use in your assembly operation.


Component Assembly

  • Sonic/spin Welding
  • Staking/Swedging
  • Performance Testing
Electronic Component Assembly
  • Component Welding/Soldering
  • Electrical Test
  • Leak Test
  • Switch Assembly
  • Potting
Wire Assembly
  • Wire Termination
  • Connector Assembly

Intec Group
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Solenoid Component Automation

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